Review Of Cicek Duvet Cover Set

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Spring is now upon us which means a lot of different things like the beginning of the NFL try outs, it is now time for spring cleaning, warmer tempetures are upon us, and bright spring colors and floral print is now back in style. Also since spring has come it is now time to do away with the dark winter colors and decorate with a more lively theme. During this time of the year is when we also get rid of our heavy comforters and replace them with a lighter version of bedding like duvet covers.

If you favor floral duvet cover sets then Le Vele has the perfect one for you. This particular one has been a part of Le Vele's catalog for awhile now which comes at no ones surprise when they see what a beautiful piece of bedding this is for themselves. The cicek duvet cover set from Le Vele is a classic for many reasons the most important one being it's very versatile. This beautiful piece of bedding displays on one side a lovely  stripe pattern that sports bright colors that liven up any bedroom colors like lime green, baby blue, orange, and yellow, but the most amazing thing is it has a reversible side which displays the incredible floral print poppy that I have ever seen. On the front lays a poppy printed over a white background. Incredibly the picture seems to come alive with such life like colors that you can actually begin to smell the gentle sent of poppies, the shams are what really set this piece off because with this bedding you will be able to lay your head on beautiful bright red daisies. If you are looking for a new duvet cover set for spring then this is the one to consider, because it will leave you and your friends in shock.

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Review Of Cicek Duvet Cover Set

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This article was published on 2010/03/26