How to Select a Great RV Cover

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Every Recreational Vehicle needs a cover which can protect it from rain, sunshine and other weather elements. If you are buying a RV then you must surely also get a good RV cover for it which fits it properly. If you are storing your RV for a long time in a RV storage area then protection of the vehicle is very essential.

Using a RV cover has many advantages. Some of them are stated below:

1. They reflect infrared rays to keep temperatures lower.
2. Protect the vehicle from dust and dirt.
3. RV covers help the moisture to escape which prevents mold and other bacteria.
4. The RV Covers also block the harmful ultra violet raises which prevent fading and cracking.
5. If you are covering your RV then you can also prevent bird dropping and harmful chemicals from falling on it.
So, now let me tell you about some very good ways through which you can select a good RV cover for your vehicle.

1. Use Covers made of polypropylene
RV Covers which are made of polypropylene are very good during the cold weather, if you live in a place which constantly experience cold weather like snow or fog then this cover would be best for you. Most of the covers have zippers for the door, so every time you want to get in your RV, you do not need to pull out the whole cover to get inside.

2. Gold line Covers
Gold Line covers are very high quality covers which really protect your RV from all the harmful effects. This cover has a fully woven fabric which has 12 zippers and it helps in protecting your RV from harmful ultra violet raises. This cover is especially very useful in desert areas.

3. Tyvek cover
A very common RV cover is the Tyvek cover which is used to protect the recreational vehicle from the harmful effects of the weather, like sunshine, rain, storm, hailstorm, smog and others. This cover comes with 3 zippers but it is very costly.

4. Expedition cover
Expedition cover is an extremely good option for heavy duty and long term use. This cover comes with 3 zippers on every side of the door access. This cover would be very beneficial for you as it is made up of a good fabric and you can use it for many years.

Every RV cover is made of a different fabric which is used for different purposes. High quality covers are expensive but they are breathable and allow moisture to escape which prevents the formation of moisture and molds on your RV. These covers also help in cooling your vehicle during the hot days.

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How to Select a Great RV Cover

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This article was published on 2010/03/26